Healthy Food Is Not Always Low Calorie Food!

Most of us have the desire to have a healthy diet. We are inundated with information on the need to consume healthy foods, keep a healthy weight and maintain good exercise levels. However for many people, the concept of what healthy foods are, can be rather ambiguous.

One problem which exists is confusing low calorie or low fat foods with healthy foods. To many people, if a food item is labelled as low fat or low calorie, they automatically presume it is a healthy food. Is this presumption true?

Sometimes it can be. Some low calorie or low fat foods have excellent nutritional value. For example, whole foods such as fruit and vegetables provide an excellent choice for a food which is healthy, as well as generally being low in calories and fat content.

However, the same cannot be said for many other products. Many biscuits, crisps, candies, and snacks may be labelled as low calorie or low fat, however they are often crammed with ingredients which have little or no nutritional goodness.

So how can we ensure that our diet is filled with healthy foods? Once way is to keep a diet which is high in whole foods. As well as fruit and vegetables, it can also include whole grains, beans, legumes and so forth. By taking the simple step of keeping processed foods at a minimum and whole foods at a maximum, it is possible to significantly improve the health status of your diet.

Healthy foods certainly don't have to be limited to foods that are boring or bland. For example, if you fancy a sweet treat, rather than reach for 5 low calorie biscuits that may be packed with badness, opt for a piece of dark chocolate. Such a treat will not only satisfy your sweet craving, but is also a food that has anti inflammatory value and, in small amounts, is classified as a healthy food.

Getting and staying healthy can seem like a mission impossible at the start. However when you put a few rules in place and start to see the great results, both in how you look and how you feel, you will have much more desire to keep going.

Remember, not all low fat and low calorie foods are healthy foods, make sure you know exactly what a food is, before you allow it to enter into your precious body.